Clincher is a new service connecting home buyers and property investors with property buying experts

Be matched with gurus who’ll help you clinch a deal on your ideal property.

How Clincher works

Step 1

Complete the Clincher questionnaire in as great or little detail as you like. It includes questions about the type of home or investment property you are looking for, the area where you’d like to buy and your desired property price range.

Step 2

Clincher will compare your property brief against our comprehensive database of independent, licensed home finders to identify agents with experience matching your needs. The best-matched agents will receive your property requirements - without information that identifies you - and accept or decline the brief.

Step 3

Clincher will send you up to three matched agents who are willing to accept your brief. We’ll connect you to your preferred agent and they’ll get to work helping you find and buy the perfect property.*

*Clincher provides guidance on fair pricing for a range of different services related to finding and transacting property. Fees are generally success based with an upfront establishment cost, helping to mitigate risk for the property buyer .

What does a buyer’s agent do?

On average, Australians buy only two or three homes during their lifetime. For most people, property is the largest and most time consuming investment they will ever make. By contrast, a buyer’s agent helps others buy property for a living. Agents spend their time developing their understanding of property values, investment strategies and local town planning to maximise financial outcomes for their clients.

Buyer's agents can help you with

Investing in property Buying a home Auction bidding Property valuation and negotiation Purchasing commercial property

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